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It is a company that offers private transportation service nationwide

Whether you go to the mountains, the coast or the east, you can take us as an optimal and safe option for your trip

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We have the support of TRANSCARPEDN SA, as well as tour operators such as CARPEDM ADVENTURE, COMMIUNITY TRAVEL and ECUADOR TREASURE, which allows us to offer tourist transport nationwide.


Visit Papallacta, famous for its medicinal thermal waters, located in the middle of the Andean paramo where you will be able to enjoy a day of relaxation in the middle of the flora and fauna of the sector in the thermal spa of Papallacta.



Tour to Mindo from Quito. Visit the impressive cloud forest of Mindo. This beautiful area is located in the heart of the Andean South American-Choco. You will see natural landscapes and do great activities surrounded by nature.



To 3 hours of Quito we find the Ecological Reserve Los Ilinizas where one of its main attractions is the turquoise lagoon that is located in the crater of the Quilotoa. The wonderful scenery makes this tourist attraction an experience not to be missed if you are visiting Ecuador.


Tour to Otavalo from Quito. Visit the main tourist attractions of the province of Imbabura where you can visit the largest Indigenous Market in Latin America in Otavalo



You can enjoy its culture, food, do some water sports, explore and venture from its bowels in its humid forest and end up sunbathing on its warm beaches.



Mompiche is located in the small bay of Muisne within the province of Esmeraldas and close to the islands of Portete, Las Stazas (or Bonita Island) and Bolivar. Mompiche Beach is located in the middle of a tropical humid forest that borders the Maché-Chindul Ecological Reserve.


It is considered as the gateway to the Ecuadorian Amazon, as well as the adventure capital of Ecuador. In Baths you can perform extreme activities, enjoy the abundant nature of the area, relax in the thermal pools, enjoy the active nightlife and taste the wonderful local gastronomy.


In Ecuador, specifically within the Cotopaxi National Park is the Cotopaxi volcano, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. This elevation of 5,897 meters above sea level is located in the Andes Mountains.


Are you looking for a shared tour to La Mitad del Mundo?

If you want to explore everything about the Middle of the World, a private tour or shared  to the Middle of the World is the best option for you because you will visit 3 museums located in this area and you will learn about our culture, gastronomy and of course about the equator:

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